Not Anymore


How does a Deaf person, born in India, achieve long-held dreams which he believed, growing up, would never be available to him? 

The documentary “Not Anymore” exposes his struggle to overcome communication barriers both personally and professionally. Enjoy watching how he today works as a leader in a challenging and dynamic Indian work environment, breaks communication barriers in all areas of his life, and thoroughly enjoys interpersonal relationships.

Genres: short film documentary
Length: 25 minutes
Availability: Worldwide
Aspect ratio: HD
Language: American Sign Language, English subtitles

Producer / director: Yash Rele & Vaibhab Kothari
Writor: Vaihab Kohtari, Yash Rele & Sangeet Paryani
Camera: Yash Rele
Editor: Saurabh Mohite
Production Designer: Chetna Khandelwal
Costume Designer: Rishi Raj
Make Up Artist: Bhuvan
Personal Assistant: Nekibur Zaman
American Sign Language Interpreter: Lee Godbold