”Ipek” is a personal portrait of charismatic actress and mother Ipek D. Mehlum. 
We followed her for two years during a time in her life where she struggled to manage the balance between two of her biggest dreams in life: becoming a mother and being a professional actress.

Genres: Documentary
Duration: 30 min
Availability: Worldwide
Aspect ratio: HD
Language: Norwegian sign language, English subtitles

Producer / director: Erik Akervall - Akervall Production for Mondaze.tv
Camera: Erik Akervall / Con Mehlum / Shahram Shahidi
Editor: André Jensen / Johan Wallin
Sound: Johan Wallin
Music: Epidemic sound
Sign language animation at "Festmeny": Braam Jordaan
Studio photography: Belinda Stoe

Ipek D. Mehlum
Milo Amadeus Dedeoglu

Morten Sletten
Mira Zuckerman
Jolanta Engebretsen
Mette Marqvardsen
Maxim Fomitchev

Special thanks to:
Teater Manu / Con Mehlum