Dine in Hell


An Aussie and a Swede bring dining to the next level with extreme eating in Southeast Asia.

Matthew Norman and Erik Akervall travels through 7 countries around Southeast Asia to find the most crazy and controversial food for the westerners. The cultural clash is obvious despite the curiosity that drives them forward in their search of controversial dishes.

We strongly recommend a minimum age of 18 years+ and please view it with an open mind as there's no right and wrongs but cultural clashes.

Genres: Adventure / travels
Duration: 6 x 17 mins
Availability: Worldwide
Aspect ratio: HD
Language: International sign, English subtitles

Producer / director: Erik Akervall - Akervall Production for Mondaze.tv
Camera: Peter Bergkrantz
Editor: André Jensen 
Sound: Johan Wallin
Music: Epidemic sound

Matthew Norman
Erik Akervall
Jeff Atienza
Meng Sek
Holis Udin


In loving memory:
Lars Bergkrantz